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Previous Studies

Ongoing Studies

Acting in Action: Acting Study


This is poised to be the very first experimental study of acting. The study is using 3D motion-capture technology and audiovisual recording in order to examine changes in the body and voice as actors portray a series of “stock” characters or act out standard emotions, all while monologuing using a neutral script.


Participants Needed

We are seeking experienced actors to participate in this study who fulfill the following requirements:

 - A minimum of two years’ experience in acting; stage experience is a plus

- The ability to memorize and present a series of 1-2 minute scripts

- Absence of any hearing, motor, or speech problems

If you are interested in signing up for this study please click the SIGN-UP button on this page.



The experiment involves a single session lasting no more than 90 minutes. The session takes place in the LIVELab ( in the Psychology building at McMaster University. You will receive $30 cash for you participation as well as a motion capture video of your performance. Parking passes and bus tickets can be provided upon request.

Acting in Action: Character Rating Experiment

Summary: Participants were presented with a series of characters and rated them on 5 personality traits. 

Storytelling: Comic Rating Experiment

Summary: Participants were presented with a series of comic strips depicting different stories and then told those stories aloud. 

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